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Christian Peace Officers of Vermont Welcome You! (CPOV)

There is a special relationship among those in the Criminal Justice System. We call it the "Brotherhood or
Sisterhood." BUT there is a relationship that is closer than a Brother or Sister. There is only one way to become
a member of this  "Special Brotherhood" and that is to have accepted Jesus Christ as Personal Savior, having
followed "
The Plan."

The Banners you see below are sites worthy of spending some serious time on.
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Peace Officers for Christ International
Fellowship of Christian Peace OfficersChrist for Cops - Waterbury, CTThe American Christian Law Enforcement NetworkCops For Christ
Iron Sharpens Steel FCPO - Lewiston, ME
Behind the Badge
Christian Police Association (International)Christian Police Association (Strathclyde, Scotland)Christian Police Association (Australia)
Behind the Badge Police Memorial Site
CrossBar Hotel
Steve's Testimony - Webmaster of the CJHTML-L Group!
Ken's Cop Page - Christian Chief
Rick's Cyber Spot
Denny's World
Rock 'n Sheild
Cop + Cross
Road of A Christian Cop (Missing, BUT not forgotten)
Federation of Christian Police Fellowships
Christian Tennessee Trooper!

Shields For Christ Brother to Brother MinistrySouthwest Iowa Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers


Peace Officer Prayer Partners International


Peacemakers of Bremerton, Washington What does our LOGO represent?  The Eagle comes from Isaiah 40:31 ~ The arrows representing war while the Olive branch represents peace,  which comes from Ecclesiastes 3:8.


Christian Resources Network Homepage


FCPO CANADA, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers of Canada

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