Virus and Hoax Confirmation Resources

Having received tons of e-mail messages of Frauds, Legends, Myths, Scams, Special Offers, Viruses, and Warnings over the years has compelled me to add yet another page to my 1000+ page site!

Do NOT get me wrong - there are some REAL Viruses out there and I hope you are using and keeping up-to-date, a GOOD Anti-Virus Program?

When you receive one of those "Forwards" and are "Thinking" of sending it out right away to the rest of the world, PLEASE stop and verify it here before you hit that "send" button?

This "Stuff" is pretty easy to verify by using one of the sites below.  Most have a "Search" box and by just entering a few keywords it will find and verify the authenticity of the hoax, scam, virus, etc.

I hope you find this page helpful and that it cuts down on the tons of unnecessary transfers over the Internet! IF you know of other sites that should be here, please e-mail me with the URL?

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-Virus Software Official Company Hoax Sites
Hoax Confirmation Sites
Other Resources

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