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You will find "Thousands" of Law Enforcement related Directories, links, resources, and sites for your edification and enjoyment here. While this site is meant mainly to be a "Greater New England Area" LEO site, you will find hugh listings of National and International Sites and Resources. AcreconaŽ - LEO Links Directory has now grown to be one of the largest directories on the World Wide Web! If you have any recommendations or corrections please e-mail me and don't forget to sign the Guestbook! Listings for departments outside of New England are found here. New England Area Departments are found here.

Take Care and Be Safe Brothers & Sisters!
Senior Sergeant Terry Martin, Vermont State Police  (Retired-1994)

In Memory
We continue to pray and think about their families, brother and sister LEO's, friends and loved ones left behind.

Since March 6th, 1998
In Memoriam - ColebrookNew Hampshire State Police
Special Article - "Terror in the North Country" (Officer Safety)

This article came from "The Vermont Trooper" magazine - a true story of the killings of our Brother Officers in New Hampshire, Troopers Scott E. Phillips and Leslie G. Lord , and of Jeremy Charron of the Epsom (NH) Police Department. It was written by Senior Trooper Ed Twohig, of the Vermont State Police and tells of the final surmise of Carl Drega in a shoot out in Vermont

Troopers Scott E. Phillips and Leslie G. Lord
of the New Hampshire State Police who lost their lives needlessly in Colebrook, NH on August 19, 1997

Officer Jeremy Charron
of the Epsom (NH) P.D., who was also murdered
senselessly, in Epsom, NH on August 24, 1997

 History of VSP and Patch!  Who are the real "Heroes" today? It should
be Parents, Grandparents,  and
LEO's, not
some acid or punk rock "dude" or group!
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This Trooper Site
is Commanded by
Terrance D Martin
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