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Welcome Warriors to "A Dedication to Peace Officers (Worldwide)"


"A Dedication to Peace Officers (Worldwide)" is a "Smorgasbord" of Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Information, Resources, and Links for the Body, Soul, and Spirit. Please partake of what YOU enjoy the most, but do try to maintain a balanced diet? The Main entrance for law enforcement and those who would like to visit is the Acrecona® - LEO Links Directory. I have spent more than 30 years in law enforcement and that makes it right to have a site dedicated to my Brothers and Sisters.

Don't be deceived by the Index to the left. There are really nine major sites within spanning over 400 +/- pages and over 35M bytes in size now! The links are always being updated and added. Look for the  on the particular page you go to for the most recently added link. Watch for the  graphics also for updated links and information. This site is highly maintained and changing on a daily basis. ALL pages are best viewed in at 1024 x 768!

One thing is guaranteed here - This site is a conservative "Family-Friendly" place where everyone can come to without fear of seeing or linking to those things that destroy within.

An area of caution would be the Search Engines page. It is expected that one would use proper guidance in the areas searched and parents would take rightful responsibility for the areas their children would search within. The Search Engines page is an excellent resource for searching and researching when used properly! There are 75, more or less, engines of all types!

Get Crescendo!

The pages are heavy with various "midi" music and have been coded to work equally well in both Microsoft ® and Netscape® 3+ Browsers. If you do not have the Crescendo® Midi Player, I highly recommend that you download and install it for the best effect of the content of the pages.

You can shut off the sound or control it by "right clicking" the  you can also find out the name of the midi playing and download it within the opening menu. On the Police Poems page all poems with music will have a  after their title.

A "Gold Star"on a page or by a link is indicative of what we all strived for in school - Good Work, Special Recognition, and/or a Top Notch Site!

This site was developed by Terrance D. Martin, Senior Sergeant (Retired), of the Vermont State Police and 30 year Veteran of Law Enforcement. I now work for AKAL Security, Inc. within the U.S. Marshal Service's Federal Court Security Program as a CSO (Court Security Officer).

I was also a former member of the the Brattleboro Police Department and the Windham Country Sheriffs Department. That makes all levels - Local, County, State and Federal!

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The contents and views of, in, or throughout this site are purely my own work and opinion. This is NOT an Official Site of the Vermont State Police and said information is NOT to imply nor suggest that these are the shared or agreed upon opinions of the Vermont State Police, the Department of Public Safety, nor the State of Vermont. If you find ANYTHING that is copyrighted, please notify me immediately. To the best of my knowledge everything I have on this site is NOT and those that you see are used with the permission of said copyrights.

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